Assessment Method of Bioenergy in the Industrial Sector

  •  Fábio de Oliveira Neves    
  •  Eduardo Gomes Salgado    
  •  Arthur Arnoni Occhiutto    
  •  José Augusto Zorel    
  •  Ernandes Benedito Pereira    


The industrial sector is one of the major energy consumers and polluters in emerging countries. With the great demand for a maximum reduction of gas emissions that aggravate the increase in Earth temperature, alternative sources of energy are being adapted for use in the industrial sector, such as bioenergy. Along with methodologies that ease implementation and use, several decision-making methods are currently under development to provide industrial managers with better scenario alternatives for the implementation of bioenergetic factors. This work aims to develop a decision-making method for the use and exploitation of bioenergy in Brazil, considering the initial assessment of sustainability and the implementation of technologies that compose the process of electricity generation through bioenergy. Fuzzy logic was used as the model development structure. It was used to analyze three case studies of manufacturing companies. As a result, there is an applicability of the method through government subsidies, regionalization of biomass for energy generation, and efforts in adapting and maintaining equipment for energy conversion with a strong driver of reduction of environmental impacts. This proposal, in addition to being useful for the industrial sector, helps the government sector with the reduction of energy, taking knowledge beyond the university using a new structured method, environmentally conscious, in this emerging area.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.