Executive Decisions in Emergencies and Innovation in Supply Chain: A Suggested Model

  •  Mahmoud M. H. Alayis    
  •  Nermine Atteya    


Covid-19 was very impactful on all USA States, with increased deaths and escalated trends every day, strong hit in various states on the top of them comes New York., New Jersey, and Michigan, during difficult times (April 20). That is why the authors have chosen the General Motors (G.M.) initiative to study and analyze. The crisis of medical supplies and ventilators shortage at the beginning of the pandemic deserved to be studied and synthesized as an inspiring experience and adds value to the discipline of social responsibility, crisis management, disaster management, strategic decision making and emergency management. The major objective of this study is designing a model that represents a Road Map for Emergency Management for CEOs and Executives. Content analysis was used to analyze the Covid-19 crisis and events' sequences in relation to Manitoba Health Disaster Management Model, and the fast decisions and actions made. This research will conclude with a top-level management implication: a designed road map that can be used for making future decisions in emergency management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.