Identification of Sustainable Practices Developed by the Industrial Sector

  •  Daniella Rita de Carvalho Souza    
  •  Eduardo Gomes Salgado    
  •  Jean Marcel Sousa Lira    


The inclusion of sustainable practices in industrial concerns and decisions may become essential to sustaining future business in the coming decades. Accordingly, this article sought to present the most widely implemented sustainable practices in the selected industries, the benefits of sustainable practices to industries and measures of efficiency of the use of sustainable practices. For this, a systematic review of the literature was carried out through the databases Web of Science, Google Scholar and Scopus. The key words were identified from a previous reading on the topic in articles and closely related to the focus areas of this research. For studies used were considered by means of criteria: those of inclusion encompass national and international academic articles through established keywords and those of exclusion encompass dissertations, theses and books. As a result, 914 articles were observed, of which 215 articles were selected through the reading of titles and abstracts. Of these 215 articles, 44 were selected observing the selected criteria. Of these selected articles, 27 articles were from the ISI - Web of Science database and 17 from the Scopus search database. Among the articles, waste management was the most cited sustainable practice. Industrial sectors of Engineering and Construction, followed by the Wine and Automotive sectors are the target of several researches. Nevertheless, the systematic review of literature showed which sustainable practices adopting has been a determining factor in the success and maintenance of the industry in the market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.