The Impact of Digital Transformation in the Egyptian Private Universities on Achieving Organizational Excellence, Using the German University in Cairo as a Model

  •  Gihan Essam El-Din Ibrahim    


Considering contemporary developments and challenges, to achieve organizational excellence, universities must undergo digital transformation, relying on knowledge of and integrating information technology into all their fields and services.

This study aimed to examine the impact of four dimensions of digital transformation:  strategic requirements, organizational culture requirements, human resource requirements, and technological and legislative requirements for achieving organizational excellence in Egyptian private universities, using the German University in Cairo as a case study. To achieve study objectives, the descriptive analytical method was used. Questionnaires were distributed among 199 faculty members, chosen using a stratified random sample, from various university faculties. Of these, 185 valid responses were retrieved, a response rate of 92.6%. The study found that the impact of digital transformation on achieving organizational excellence is statistically significant. The combined dimensions of digital transformation explain the 74.7% variance in organizational excellence.

The research contributes important insights into the impact of digital transformation on achieving organizational excellence. Its theoretical and practical implications were discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.