Developing an Instrument That Explores Customers’ Experience with Banking E-Services during the COVID‐19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia

  •  Sager Alharthi    


This study aims to develop a research instrument that measures e-banking customers’ experience of online banking services. In addition, the study aims to validate and define the newly developed instrument and to explore the factors influencing customers’ experiences with banking e-services in Saudi Arabia. An electronic database search was used to formulate a new questionnaire to address the study’s main themes (constructs). Experts provided face and content validity, and items that failed to contribute to an explanation of the study concepts were excluded. The first draft contained 10 themes and 78 items, but once the questionnaire’s conceptual framework had been clearly defined, the number of items was reduced to 75. The questionnaire represents customers’ experiences with the banking e-service, and it provides researchers and experts with a tool for assessing the factors that influence the promotion of e-services in the banking sector.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.