Intra-organizational Coopetition: Antecedents, Dynamics, and Outcomes of the Interplay between Cooperation and Competition

  •  Rafaela Nascimento Bühler    
  •  Lucieli Cátia Tubin    
  •  Gabriela Zortea Duarte    
  •  Jorge Renato Verschoore    


Most studies on coopetition strategy concentrate on the inter-organizational level. Lately, a growing literature has focused on coopetitive strategies within organizations, opening new windows for the study of the phenomenon. This article is part of this new context. The main objective is to design a research framework of the antecedents, dynamics, and outcomes of intra-organizational coopetition. We conducted qualitative and exploratory research, collecting evidence through a focus group with managers from a large educational institution. Our findings grouped categories of antecedents, dynamics, and outcomes into an intra-organizational coopetition framework, designed to support future research and management decisions. The findings also contribute to the advancement of the coopetition literature in the service sector, describing the interplay between cooperation and competition in the education industry. We hope that our findings will spark further research into intra-organizational coopetition strategies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.