Readiness of Digital Transformation among Malaysian Digital Talents

  •  Kwek Choon Ling    
  •  Mary Lee Siew Cheng    
  •  Alina Yap May Ling    
  •  Cham Kai Sin    
  •  Zhang Li    


Digital transformation (DT) entails the strategic transformation of all aspects of the business that leading to the creation of a new ecosystem in which technology creates and delivers value to the stakeholders, and the ability of the business to adapt more quickly to the changing environment through the use of new and updated digital technologies. Although DT is a hot topic in the twenty-first century due to the constant changes in society and business, however, the current state of the literature lacks comprehensive conceptual and empirical studies, particularly on organisational members’ readiness of digital transformation at the micro-level and the associated facilitating factors. Therefore, this research aims to study the influences of digital organisational culture, digital literacy, attitudes towards digital transformation, self-efficacy, and autocratic leadership towards the readiness of digital transformation among Malaysian digital talents. Quantitative research approach with the online questionnaire survey was adopted. A sample of 450 respondents (digital talents) were collected as the source of primary data from the various industries in Malaysia. The data was then analysed by using SPSSv28 and SmartPLSv3.2.8. The findings conclude that all the direct and indirect relationships between the digital organisational culture, digital literacy, attitudes towards digital transformation, and self-efficacy towards readiness of digital transformation are significantly supported. Besides, the result also proved that the relationship between digital organisational culture and attitudes towards digital transformation would be weaken when there is present of a strong autocratic leadership.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.