A Hazardous Materials Treatment Business Modelling in the Industry 4.0 Perspective

  •  Alessandra Stefanoni    
  •  Pavel Malyzhenkov    
  •  Maurizio Masi    
  •  Enrico Maria Mosconi    
  •  Fabrizio Rossi    


The today’s world is marked by a massive diffusion of Industry 4.0 concept and, therefore, the quick change of business models implemented in this new scenario. In the systems of circular economy, designed to regenerate themselves, the products maintain their value added for a long period of time producing no waste. After a product’s life cycle is over, the resources remain inside the economic system, and they can be reused for production goals creating new value. This paper develops a proposal aimed to understand the systemic capacity in triggering a closed loop circle for hazardous wastes also in the light of the potentialities offered by the achievements of Industry 4.0 through an industrial system of "glass ceramization" and the realization of tiles of inert material used in the market of public decoration or construction. In such a way, industrial waste management systems find a lever in driving force of the economy and innovation. This paper aims to understand how the Industry 4.0 contributes valorizes hazardous waste through the process of glass ceramization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.