Factors Influencing Consumer Complaint Intentions: Saudi Online Shopping

  •  Saeed Badghish    
  •  Alaa Shagagi    


This study investigated various factors influencing consumer complaint intentions among Saudi online shoppers. Specifically, it examines five key factors that influence consumer complaint intentions: demographic characteristics, attitude towards complaining, product attributes, previous shopping experience, and previous complaint experience. To achieve this aim, this study conducted descriptive, quantitative research involving 412 Saudi online shoppers who have experienced dissatisfaction with the items they bought online. A survey questionnaire measuring the variables of interest was used to collect data. Five main hypotheses were tested, with two of these having sub-hypotheses. The study findings indicated significant differences in consumer complaint intention by age group and education, while no difference was found among consumers based on their gender. It was also found that attitudes toward complaining significantly predict consumer complaint intention. Furthermore, the shopping experience also positively affects consumer complaint intention. These factors, like information quality, platform design, security and privacy, delivery service and product range available in the e-commerce platform, affect consumer complaint intention. Finally, previous complaint experience also influences consumer complaint intention. This paper provides valuable information for online businesses in improving their e-commerce business model and considers the various factors that could affect the complaint intention of customers. Overall, the study bridges the knowledge gap regarding factors influencing customer complaint intention within the Saudi online shopping context.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.