The Effect of Strategic Vigilance on Organizational Excellence the Mediating Role of Strategic Foresight

  •  Ramzi M. Altarawneh    


This study aimed to identify the impact of strategic vigilance on organizational excellence through the mediating role of strategic foresight, the study was applied in the jordan commercial banks which are (13) banks. A questionnaire was used as to collect data to investigating the opinions of a sample of (217) manager. (171) questionnaires were collected . The most important findings the study reached were there are a statistically significant impact at the level of significance (P≤0.05) of strategic vigllance on organizational excellence, and a statistically significant direct impact at the level of significance(P≤ 0.05) of strategic viglance on organizational excellence in the presence of strategic foresight. With the most notably recommendations: the Jordan Commercial Banks should focus on strategic vigilance, as it is one of the most important means to improve organization excellence, developing awareness among the leaders and employees of commercial banks about the fundamental,and entrepreneurship role of efficient management to anticipate the future and enhance organizational excellence. As well as enhancing the foresight capabilities, and mechanisms of strategic foresight for the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.