The Effect of E-Marketing on The Performance of Small Business Enterprises

  •  Khalid Naser AL Zubi    


Small business enterprises play an important role in boosting global economic growth and raising the nation's GDP. E-marketing is becoming a necessary part of information technology that small businesses must use to succeed. The influence of e-marketing, as reflected by its two variables (E-marketing tools and E-marketing budget), on the marketing performance in small business businesses in Jordan has been examined in this research. The model fit and its proposed hypotheses were tested using structural equation modeling (SME). The proposed study model was determined to have good-fit. According to the study's findings, E-marketing tools had a significant effect on pre-sales activities (SE = 0.124, P < 0.05), but not on post-sales activities (SE = 0.052, P > 0.05), or on marketing performance (SE = 0.053, P > 0.05). Pre-sales activities, post-sales activities, and marketing performance were all significantly affected by the e-marketing budget (SE = 0.0.652, P < 0.05; SE = 0.374, P < 0.05; SE = 0.289, P < 0.05) respectively. Marketing success in terms of marketing performance was strongly affected by pre- and post-sales activities, respectively (SE = 0.389, P < 0.05; SE = 0.542, P < 0.05).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.