Evolving Human Resource Management Practices and Employee Performance of Selected Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

  •  Eromafuru Edward Godbless    
  •  Ohwojero Kelvin Obaro    


This paper assessed affinity of evolving human resource practices with the performance of employees of the pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. Prior studies have addressed the concept from generalist perspective majorly short of exploring innovative thrust of human resource processes and practices and bearing on organisational performance of the pharmaceutical concerns. Study essentially relied on survey research design and questionnaire as a source of data collection. Data were analyzed through descriptive statistics including the means, standard deviation and analysis of variance. Test of hypotheses involving multiple regression analysis was conducted and results exhibited innovative human resource management’s proxies of skill-based training; selective hiring, alternative work arrangement, performance appraisal, fair compensation and autonomy work arrangement, correlating significantly with the performance of employees in the pharmaceutical companies. Recommendation was on the need for the Pharmaceutical Companies to deploy human resource policies and strategies that address issues bordering on optimum harnessing and deployment of human resources for enhanced performance. Instructive to assert also, that the human resource personnel in the healthcare industry conduct annual performance audit that provide timely and effective feedback and for corrective measures to be taken appropriately.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.