Factors Influencing Live Streaming Continuance Watching Intention

  •  Ching-Wen Yeh    
  •  Fang Yuan Chen    


This study aims to explore the determinants of parasocial interaction (PSI) and the causal relationships between PSI and live streaming continuance watching intentions. Besides, we also examine the moderating effect of skepticism between PSI and live streaming continuance watching intentions. Out of 400 questionnaires distributed, 313 valid questionnaires were returned, yielding a valid response rate of 78.25 percent, and it tested the proposed hypotheses by using structural equation modeling (SEM).

The results found that likeability, expertise, physical attractiveness and self-disclosure had significant positive effects on PSI. PSI significantly affected live streaming continuance watching intentions. Finally, skepticism played a moderating role between PSI and willingness to continue watching the live streaming. This study focused on the live streaming industry on YouTube; thus, caution is required in generalizing the findings. The current study not only aims to expand the scope of research on PSI but also to prompt researchers and organizations to consider effective communication strategies for online audiences to increase viewing rates.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.