Effect of Transformational Leadership on Job Satisfaction, Innovative Behavior, and Work Performance: A Conceptual Review

  •  Vannarith Nguon    


This study reviews how transformational leadership is applied around the world. It seeks to establish the style and behavior of leaders under the age of 30 years so that private and public sectors can prepare such leaders in their organizations. Transformational leadership encourages employees to achieve goals that improve their work performance. It focuses on changing employees’ attitude toward work, enabling them to cope the pressure in the workplace, and encouraging them to deliver. This study reviews and discusses the effects of transformational leadership on job satisfaction, innovative behavior, and work performance. To achieve the objectives, this study conducts an extensive review of the relevant literature. The results show that transformational leadership, as the primary variable, affects job satisfaction, innovative behavior, and work performance, the dependent variable. By influencing job satisfaction and innovative behavior, transformational leaders can influence work performance. The results also reveal that transformational leadership, job satisfaction, and innovative behavior independently impact work performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.