The Conditions of the Emergence of Innovation Ecosystems: A Panoramic View

  •  Smyej Oumaima    
  •  Ben Massou Si Mohamed    


Based on a bibliographic study, this contribution explores the conditions of birth of innovation Ecosystems (IEs). The main purpose is to give an overview of the current thinking on the theme. The conceptual models drawn from the literature including the factors of birth of an ecosystem constitute the result of this paper work. The main ambition is the study of the possibility of setting up an IE with analysis of the existing situation. Thanks to an exploratory study, we were able to proof that an ecosystem community come into existence through both emergent and deliberate strategies. Three major phases characterize ecosystems arrival: knowledge ecosystem (KE), IE and business ecosystem (BE). During the birth phase, many factors are likely to enhance its advent, in particular: the diversity of ecosystem’s actors, the sharing of knowledge between members, the training for collaborative and inter-organizational skills and the establishment of a climate of trust within the community.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.