COVID-19 Induced Teleworking and Future Expectations: A Systematic Review

  •  Vaggelis Saprikis    
  •  Maro Vlachopoulou    
  •  Theodora Zarmpou    


COVID-19 pandemic crisis has brought extraordinary changes to almost all human activities. This unfamiliar situation has affected, among others, the working conditions, under which employees should keep doing their job while protecting themselves and preventing the coronavirus from spreading. As a result, working from home has been considered as a topic of high interest, and a number of empirical studies have been conducted aiming at investigating its impact on contemporary companies, organizations and their employees. The focus of this research is on the employee profile and type of organization, as well as on other factors and conditions that influence the adoption of teleworking policies. Therefore, the scope of the systematic review paper is to analyze and present the factors affecting COVID-19 induced teleworking, the perceived benefits and obstacles of this situation to employees and their firms, as well as the determinants that impact pandemic induced teleworking adjustment along with post COVID-19 intentions. The study proposes a conceptual framework where all the major parameters of firms’ and employees’ characteristics are combined with the main benefits and drawbacks of teleworking aiming at mapping the current and post COVID-19 working from home situation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.