Online Clothing Shopping Behaviors and Intention among College Students

  •  Jung-Im Seo    


This study is to verify the shopping tendencies on online shopping of fashionable clothing. This study selected the convenience sampling method to verify online shopping behaviors among undergraduate college students, who are completely comfortable with online technology. The purposes of this study were to explore how product attributes style and brand attributes impact online purchasing intention among college students. This study revealed that clothing involvement in style and brand attributes ultimately affecting internet shopping intention. When college students were looking for their clothing through the internet, they first recognized the famous brand names or the well-known brand products. However, when they made a purchasing decision online shopping, the style attributes more strongly impacted on the online shopping intention rather than the brand attributes. Hence, many college students show stronger clothing concerns associated with style attributes rather than brand attributes before purchase decision. This study concludes that product attributes are the main factors that improve online business among the college students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.