Time-Varying Exchange Rate Exposure on Non-Financial Firms

  •  Jaratin Lily    
  •  Mori Kogid    
  •  Debbra Toria Nipo    
  •  Sidah Idris    
  •  Imbarine Bujang    


This paper investigates whether a large non-financial firm in selected Asian frontier and emerging markets has time-varying exchange rate exposure using the interactive time dummies in the regression with a GARCH specification. The findings revealed that exchange rate exposure changes over time, particularly in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Furthermore, there was a high percentage of firms were exposed during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) period, particularly in Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. In practice, the findings of this study benefit interested parties such as firms and governments by giving information about stylised exchange rate exposure, which can be utilised to design effective strategies for dealing with exchange rate uncertainty.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.