The Impact of Training on Employee Retention: An Empirical Research on the Private Sector in Egypt

  •  Ashraf Elsafty    
  •  Mahmoud Oraby    


Human resource is an important asset in any organization. Therefore, organizations need not only attract experienced and talented employees to the organization, but they also need to keep them for a long time. This paper reviews the findings and the results of researchers to find and explore the relationship between employee training and employee retention. Training is an important factor to enhance organizational performance and is considered the main strategy to influence employee retention. However, there is not sufficient investment in training practices because some managers see training as an expensive risk. Based on Human Capital Theory and Herzberg’s theory, this research closely looked at the impact of training on employee retention, because the most important employee retention strategy is employee training. The study focuses on the impact of Training and development, job performance, job satisfaction, and effective communication on employee retention, a field study was performed using a questionnaire method to collect data from employees working in the private sector in Egypt. A hierarchical multiple regression analysis was performed using IBM SPSS Statistics 28.0, and statistical significance was set at a = 0.05. The results are that training and development, and job satisfaction positively impact employee retention however job performance has no impact on employee retention, effective communications have no impact on the relationship between job performance and employee retention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.