Factors Affecting on Consumer Desire: Challenges of Mobile Phone Operators Bangladesh

  •  M M Ahmmed Ruel    
  •  Chung Soo Jin    


Bangladesh, being a highly-populated area, begets a remunerative market for the telecommunication sector. Huge consumer probability attracts foreign investors provoking market competition higher entering new companies creating accrual in national GDP. To endure in the intensely competitive market, mobile telecommunication service provider companies are conscious about customer expectations and trying to compensate consumer demand offering quality services. This study elucidates the strategies of mobile phone companies to provide services to a satisfactory level, such as segmented marketing paves the way of focused marketing program which allows the companies to provide the expected services to the specific segment of consumers. This research also analyzes information collected about consumer expectations and unearths the factors affecting the volition of an operator and sketches some recommendations to the mobile phone operators.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.