Factors Influencing Employee Productivity – A Saudi Manager’s Perspective

  •  Abdulrahman Basahal    
  •  Abdullah Ahmed Jelli    
  •  Abdullah S. Alsabban    
  •  Sarah Basahel    
  •  Saleh Bajaba    


This study provides an in-depth exploration of the employee, managerial, and organizational factors that influence employee productivity from a Saudi manager’s perspective. A generic qualitative design with thematic analysis of 17 in-depth interviews with Saudi managers from different industries is employed. The findings demonstrate that the employee factors relate to the employee’s perceived personal gain of being productive and their sense of ethical responsibility to do so. Also, the managerial factors encompass aspects that are in the manager’s control and relate to the manager’s attitude towards and familiarity with their employees, responsible behavior, communication of company goals and strategies, time spent on personal evaluations of employees, and attention for employee recognition. Lastly, the organizational factors make working for a company (un)attractive and refer to tangible benefits, work flexibility, professional development opportunities, and the physical environment. The study offers insights for Saudi managers and companies on how employee productivity can be increased.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.