The Different Impact of Top Executives’ Turnover on Healthy and Restructured Companies

  •  Carla Morrone    
  •  Alberto Tron    
  •  Federico Colantoni    
  •  Salvatore Ferri    


The aim of this paper is to investigate if top executives’ turnover affects the performance of a company and if it differently impacts the performances of a healthy and a restructured company. In order to investigate the impact of the renewal of both members of the board of directors and CEO impacts on company profitability, we performed a quantitative analysis based on a sample of 144 Italian companies using a logit model. The findings show that management changes influence the performance of a company. However, the results show a different impact for healthy and restructured companies. The renewal of the board of directors negatively affects the performances of a healthy company while influences positively the probability of a future increase in performances for restructured companies, suggesting useful implications for scholars and practitioners. This analysis confirms that the renewal of top executives can affect the probability of an increase of company performances, especially for distressed firms, contributing to existing literature which is still limited and focused only on few countries.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.