The Role of Information Systems in Enhancing the Implementation of Administrative Decisions

  •  Mohammed Alotaibi    


Information systems are currently used in all organizations due to their effectiveness in the implementation of administrative decisions. This study attempted to examine availability of information systems infrastructure, the impact of information systems on enhancing the procedures of the implementation of administrative decisions, and the obstacles that hinder the use of information systems to implement administrative decisions at Tabuk University in Saudi Arabia. In order to achieve these goals, the researcher used the descriptive analytical approach and used the questionnaire instrument in order to collect the data from the research sample. Population of the study comprised all the administrative employees at Tabuk University. The researcher distributed (325) questionnaires on the research sample and (252) questionnaires were put for study. The findings of the study showed that Tabuk University have a good infrastructure of information system that fit the work requirements and that help the employees to get accurate and timely reports. Also, the findings showed that the information systems have a robust role in enhancing the procedures of the implementation of the administrative decisions in terms of the availability of accurate, correct, and timely data to implement the administrative decisions properly. On the other hand, it was shown that there are obstacles for the use of information systems to implement administrative decisions such as the inappropriate organizational structures, lack of training, routine procedures, lack of funds to update the systems regularly, and employees’ resistance. Based on these results, the researcher recommended having a proper organizational structure that support information systems, holding regular training courses for the employees, motivating employees to avoid resistance, and ensuring the allocation of resources to get the new modern systems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.