The Challenges and Solutions for Digital Entrepreneurship Platforms in Enhancing Firm’s Capabilities

  •  Cai Qian Qiu    
  •  Mandy Mok Kim Man    


Digital entrepreneurship platforms have created opportunities to marketers and manufacturers to achieve their marketing objectives with digital technologies through various digital platforms. Implementation of digital platforms have changed the traditional ways of doing business in bricks and mortar to digital channels such as online marketing, App store, purchase via internet or smartphone, e-transaction and e-commerce. There is a general belief that by moving firms towards digitalization world and selling products or services through digital platforms will increase firms’ capabilities and directly increase sales finally lead to better firms’ performance. In fact, this is not applied to all the firms involving selling and buying in digital platforms. The main advantages of doing digital platforms business are do not need much capital in starting up the business and this business model allows digital entrepreneurs to work from anywhere and anytime without the restriction of locations and time constraints. There are many factors in influencing the success or failure of digital entrepreneurship of an individual, team or firm. First and foremost is the innovation factor which determines the successful path to the ultimate goal of the business. This paper discusses the digital entrepreneurship opportunities, digital platforms practices, challenges, risks and constraints faced in promoting and expanding digital platforms from a Malaysian perspective, such as firms’ organizational structure and human resource in digital expertise, digital technologies readiness, financial supports, market changes and unprecedented risks. This paper argues the importance and development of digital entrepreneurship that incorporates strategic innovation to enhance firms’ capabilities. The findings of the paper highlighted the potential of digital entrepreneur platforms in increasing new career for individual, enhancing economy growth and welfare for consumers. Hopefully the discussion outcomes will raise further awareness and attention of individual, team and firms to integrate digital entrepreneurship into their businesses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.