The Impact of Entrepreneurial Ability on Innovation Performance of Chinese New Company: Based on the Mediating Role of Business Model

  •  Xiong Wang    
  •  Sarana Photchanachan    


At present, researches on business models generally focus on the deduction of theoretical models and case studies, and there are relatively few related quantitative studies. From the perspective of business model, this paper empirically studies the relationship between business model, entrepreneurial ability and innovation performance, taking newly established companies in Shanghai as the research object. The results show that Entrepreneurial Ability positively correlated with innovative business model and efficient business model. The innovative business model and efficiency business model is positively correlated with innovation performance. Business model is the intermediate mechanism of transforming entrepreneurial ability into innovative firm performance, and the design of business model is helpful to improve the survival rate and profitability of entrepreneurial firms.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.