Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Bangladesh -Opportunities and Challenges

  •  Md Shahnur Azad Chowdhury    
  •  Mohammad Toufiqur Rahman    
  •  A. M. Shahabuddin    
  •  Md Rizwan Hassan    
  •  Mohammad Shyfur Rahman Chowdhury    


An enterprise resource planning (ERP) project is a sizable enterprise application either in the business and engineering perspective. It creates huge alterations and frequently entails calling into question several traditional roles within the business, for which individuals are rarely well ready. It frequently involves the execution of numerous new approaches and their integration with existing programs and frequently reflects one of the bigger IT jobs -- one of the highly crucial ones in many businesses, cooperation between industry and IT extends into international cooperation between many small business units and many entities of their IT division. The achievement of this undertaking will count on the caliber of the cooperation. Before beginning such a difficult endeavor, certain conditions have to be ensured. The business has to see to adulthood in ERP and also the management and technical capacities of their IT division and the capability of the business and IT to work together. Without these requirements, companies wouldn't have the ability to lead and get different stages of an ERP project. This preparation could require a few educational and communication efforts which can be essential for success. This study has been undertaken to address the viability of installing ERP in any enterprise and its benefits and challenges in Bangladesh. ERPs are highly technical issues with numerous benefits. It requires a lot of preconditions to be installed. By reviewing the literature and going through several recent research, a concept is tried to be developed here in this study. Idea about current status of ERP practices in Bangladesh has been generated from various circulars and reports produced by the companies. The study found that productivity and profits are increased by implementing ERP in the local enterprises but a lot of challenges are to be addressed. The infrastructure of IT and power supply should be ensured to gain optimum advantages. The employees should be well trained to run the system successfully.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.