Mapping Mobile Payment Adoption: Customers’ Trends and Challenges

  •  Vaggelis Saprikis    
  •  Maro Vlachopoulou    


The continuous advancement of the mobile technology industry and the wide acceptance of mobile devices worldwide have provided great prospects to customers regarding their monetary transactions. As a result, numerous individuals use their mobile devices, mainly their smartphone; to pay online and even more are expected to take advantage of the mobile payments in the near future. This study conducts an up-to-date review to survey the landscape of individuals’ behavioral intention to adopt m-payments systems and services in the last five years (2015-2019 period). In specific, the aim of this review paper is twofold. First, it collects and summarizes the review papers that focus on customers’ m-payment adoption intention as an umbrella review. Second, it analyzes all recently top quantitative primary research papers that examined the aforementioned topic and presents a detailed examination of their objectives and research outcomes as a scoping review. Both of these analyzes are expected to increase the understanding of m-payments adoption and their underlying factors that influence individuals’ decision to adopt them, as well as reveal research gaps. Consequently, the paper aims to be a useful tool for mapping the research trends in current literature regarding mobile payment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.