Customer Response towards QR Codes Used in Marketing: An African Perspective

  •  Randheer Kokku    


Literature indicates QR code use in marketing is growing and needs attention. The objective of his research is to study QR codes use in marketing via accessibility of product information(PI), advertising(Ad), sales promotion(SP), billing and payment(BP) from African viewpoint. Correlation analysis paved way to factor analysis for data reduction. Both EFA and CFA were performed. Cronbach alpha and composite reliability were assessed for data reliability. Fit indices RMSEA, RFI, TLI and NFI were computed to check model fit. Regression slope was used for testing study hypothesis. Results found, customers use “product information, advertisements, sales promotion and billing & payment through QR codes” has significant positive influence on perceived usefulness(PUM). Further, customers use of marketing QR codes proved perceived usefulness having significant positive influence on intention to use (IUM) in future course of time. “Tesco Homeplus” at global level succeeded in QR codes implementation for marketing activities is discussed and referred in the conclusions. Since respondents are positive towards perceived usefulness and intention to use QR codes, and the cost of QR technology and implementation is very less and affordable, the onus relies on marketing decision makers to adopt and promote QR codes in marketing aggressively for benefiting companies, customers and to further elevate African markets on mobile technological front.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.