The Heterogeneous Economic Impacts of Distance to High-Speed Railway Stations in China

  •  Baocheng Wang    
  •  Feng Yu    
  •  Mengting Zhang    


With the rapid development of High-speed Railway worldwide, particularly in China, its economic effect is increasingly prominent. In this paper, we claimed that the distance to HSR station rather than HSR connection affects its economic influence by examining the panel data of 333 prefectures during 1999-2013 in China. It is shown that cities would receive positive and significant economic gains if the distance between cities administrative center and the nearest HSR station is less than 10km. To address the potential endogenous problem, a least cost spanning tree network IV strategy based on Faber (2014) is adopted and further confirmed the robustness. Our finding provides scientific evidence of HSR station's location planning and is promising to optimize HSR's structural layout.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.