Determinants of Dividends for Real Estate Sector in Jordan

  •  Abdullah Yusri AL Khatib    


This study focused on analyzing the internal and external determinants of dividends for an important sector in Jordan which is the real estate sector during 2014 - 2019. For that, dividends per share were considered as dependent variable. On the other hand, internal determinants were measured by current ratio, total assets turnover, fixed assets turnover, and working capital turnover. Also, external variables were measured by GDP growth rate, inflation consumer prices, and unemployment rate.

After conducting the statistical analysis, there was an impact of working capital turnover on dividends per share at 1% significance level. The study inferred from that there was no impact of the rest of internal and external variables on the dividends per share.

As a result from that, the study recommended real estate sector to focus on and analyze working capital turnover. Moreover, it recommended analyzing the changes in external and internal variables during the time to enhance the performance of real estate sector in Jordan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.