Managing International Assignments (Expatriates and Inpatriates): Effect of Cultural Diversity

  •  Amal M. Jawad    


Research on the management of expatriates and inpatriates’ international assignments within MNCs, such as tasks that include issues expatriates and inpatriates face in different environments. This study verified the challenges of managing expatriates and inpatriates within MNCs in an IHRM field. A qualitative semi-structured interview approach was used with 15 participants (professional engineer’s senior’s, juniors, and management staff, who held international assignments or worked in abroad positions within MNC (organisation A). The study results that expatriates and inpatriates management in cross-culture diversity allowed them to build their career aspirations. The study described cross-cultural career progression for expatriates and inpatriates management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.