The Effect of the Use and Knowledge of AI on the Advanced Entrepreneurship in Saudis Small Business and Startups

  •  Reem Mahmoud Ahmad Mashat    


The study aims to study the actual use of the AI (Artificial intelligence) among small businesses in Saudi Arabia, and the effect of this use and the knowledge on the advanced entrepreneurship in these businesses. The actual use and knowledge were measured, along with the effect of these variables on the advanced entrepreneurship. The sample chosen was 204 small businesses and startups from three main cities in KSA. The sample was mostly of technology related businesses 45%, and others as of service related and manufacturing simple products. The results show a lack of both the actual use of AI technology and knowledge of this technology. The results also show this lack is affecting the entrepreneurship of theses business and their abilities to grow with a sense of creativity in the local market. The research demonstrates the need for AI technology to strength the entrepreneurship among small business in Saudi Arabia. The research results close a gap in the available literature of small business use of technology and demonstrating advanced entrepreneurship in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Further research is needed to understand the reasons of the lack of the use of AI among these businesses in Saudi Arabia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.