Managerial Empowerment and Its Impact on Managerial Creativity: An Empirical Study in Greater Amman Municipality

  •  Nehaya Nawaf Al Homud    


Many organizations have collapsed due to lack of creativity and others have also made giant strides due to the creative and innovative ideas of the managers. Hence, creativity is important concept that can change the fortunes of organizations. This study has been conducted to examine the impact of the managerial empowerment on managerial creativity in Greater Amman Municipality. Managerial empowerment has been taken as independent variable. Freedom of choice, self-efficacy, and development of job has been used as the proxy dimensions of managerial empowerment. Moreover, managerial creativity has been taken as dependent variable. Creativity in the product, marketing creativity, and regulatory creativity have been used as the proxy dimensions of managerial creativity. Questionnaires have been used to collect data. The results highlighted that all the dimensions of managerial empowerment are statistically significant on the creativity in the product. The study recommended that proper attention should be paid to the empowerment of workers, especially in the lower administrative levels by encouraging them to take on responsibilities and to look at their mistakes in order to enhance the potential for creativity in Greater Amman Municipality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.