The Degree of Applying of Standards of Total Quality Management in Jordanian Universities in the Light of the International Standards

  •  Majd Fayez Sulieman Al-Adwan    


This study aimed to know the degree of applying standards of total quality management in the Jordanian universities in the light of the international standards. The study population included all the heads of academic departments in the Jordanian universities for the academic year (2015/ 2016). The study sample has been chosen from the study population b using the stratified random method. To achieve the objectives study, the researcher developed the study tool that comprised the following domains: (vision, mission, objectives, operations management, continuous improvement, beneficiaries' satisfaction, evaluation), both the validity and reliability of the tool were verified. The researcher distributed the tool over the sample of the study and carried out the relative statistical processing. The results showed that the degree of applying the standards of total quality management in the Jordanian universities is medium, also it showed that there are no statistically significant differences at the (0.05= α) level attributed to (the gender, the specialization, and the years of experience). While as there are differences attributed to region variable, in favor the southern region. According to the results, the researcher recommended to hold training courses and field workshops in order to activate the standards of total quality management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.