The Impact of Position Competence on Work Happiness about Service Personnel Based on Psychological and Organizational Factors

  •  Yanhua Diao    


The more capable a person is, the happier he/she is at work? Our consciousness and previous relevant studies seem to agree with this view. But why in reality, many competent people are unhappy at work, complaining and leaving their jobs? What are the psychological or organizational factors that contribute to this? This article uses 328 service supervisor-employees matching questionnaires as a sample to verify the mechanism of position competence and work happiness from the mediating effect of psychological ownership (psychological perspective) and the moderating effect of POS (organizational perspective). The research result showed position competence significant impact work happiness, and psychological ownership variable plays a significant intermediary role in their relationship; Position competence positively affect their psychological ownership; psychological ownership positively affect work happiness, and perceived organizational support negatively moderates the relationship. The research results provide important theoretical support for managers to improve employees' psychological ownership to enhance their work happiness, and provide new ideas to improve organizational support to retain and make good use of talents.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.