Fitness Centers Ambience-Customer Behavioral Intentions Relationship: The Mediating Role of Customer Emotional States

  •  Nawras M. Nusairat    
  •  Qais Hammouri    
  •  Hamad Al-Ghadir    
  •  Alaeddin Mohammad Khalaf Ahmad    
  •  Mohammad Abuhashesh    


This research paper aims to investigate how the ambient conditions in fitness centers affect customer behavioral intentions through examining the mediating role of customer emotional states while in the fitness center.  To this end, a conceptual model of relevant research variables was developed based on the extant literature. A questionnaire survey was administered to a convenient sample of 420 fitness center members approached in 10 randomly selected fitness centers in Jordan. The model was validated and tested using structural equation modeling with AMOS 21.0. The findings of analysis demonstrated that fitness center ambience was significant in predicting customers’ pleasure, thereby, their behavioral intentions towards the fitness center. Mediation analysis verified the mediating role of customer pleasure but not arousal on the relationship between fitness center ambient conditions and customer behavioral intentions.  Research findings show the significance of ambient conditions as an influential marketing tool. Also, such findings are deemed insightful to the operators of fitness centers on how the fitness center ambience can be deployed to enrich customer affective experience and to encourage positive behavioral intentions in turn. Discussion, conclusions, and research agenda for future research were also identified.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.