Is Specialized Training a Basic Necessity for Special Students Teaching?

  •  Samuel Chege Kinuthia    
  •  Anne Christine Wanjiru Kabui    


Every individual irrespective of their profession, requires requisite training to enable them to do a particular job with reasonable accuracy, achieving desired results. Mid-school is the stage between primary basic education and the tertiary level and in Kenya it is referred to as secondary education that is evaluated with a national examination (KCSE) at the end of the four years. Teachers’ role in a students’ performance cannot be underestimated where students with or without disabilities are subjected to the same national examinations. Performance in the national special schools in Kenya does not compare favorably with that of ordinary national schools irrespective of same caliber of teachers in both. This necessitated an empirical inquiry into whether there is need for extra training for teachers in special schools. The study sought to establish the influence of teacher training on the performance of special schools in Kenya. The performance of a school is measured based on the overall mean attained in KSCE examinations. The study focused on the national schools that are in the category of special schools in Kenya. The study is anchored on Behaviorist theory which states that learning is a function of change in overt behavior. A cross-sectional descriptive survey was carried out where data was collected using a self-administered semi structured questionnaire. Study findings indicate that 76.6% of variation in performance is predicted by training implying that relevant training of teachers in special schools is critical in achieving the expected learning outcomes with quality grades in KCSE that are pivotal in determining learners’ career paths. The study recommends creating an enabling environment and support to teachers willing to pursue training in special education. Further research should be done to determine how the subsector can be adequately funded both for initial and on-the-job special teacher training for special needs schools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.