Environmental Scanning Practices and CEO’s Profile

  •  Afef Znaidi    
  •  Dorra Gherib    


The main aim of this research work is to study the influence of the CEO’s (Chief Executive Officers) profile on environmental scanning practices (ESP) of industrial groups in Tunisia. Theoretical research has only supported the use of the CEO’s profile attributes to embody the concept of individual determinants in our research model. The main objective is to measure the influence of the attributes of the CEO’s profile on the company’s environmental scanning practices (ESP). The methodology adopted is quantitative, and a questionnaire based survey based was conducted with a sample population, namely, subsidiaries of Tunisian groups. The main results from the exploration of the subsidiary’s individual attributes linked to the CEO’s profile and the test of the hypotheses show the absence of the influence of the type of the CEO’s training and his experience on the groups’ subsidiary environmental scanning practices in Tunisia. However, the results have also shown that the CEO’s level of education had an influence on all the dimensions of environmental scanning practices, with the exception of information storage methods.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.