Role of Organizational Change in Developing Team Performance and Support Positive Work Environment

  •  Khaled Al-Awar    


Current study aimed at examining the influence of organizational change on two of the main aspects of any organization which are team performance and work environment. Study followed the quantitative approach through utilizing the questionnaire as a tool of study. Through applying the questionnaire on a sample of (211) managers from industrial organizations in Jordan; results indicated that there appeared to be a positive influence of organizational change on both team performance and work environment. Through the study, results indicated that technology as a variable of organizational change appeared to be the influential variable on both team performance and work environment which indicated the importance of technology in organizations and how to handle its interference and transition in a positive approach.  Based on results, current study recommends enhancing the managerial support within industrial organizations in Jordan as it appeared that there was a lack in the support that management has on managing change. In addition to that, technology appeared to be of high importance, so it is recommended to focus more on technologies and manage the transition from manual to technological approaches within industrial organizations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.