Problems of Proper Planning In Effective Teaching of High School Students in Salt Schools

  •  Mohammad Nemer Abdallah Alkhararbeh    


The study aims to investigate the levels of teaching planning problems in the secondary schools, in Salt City in Jordan, in its three stages; planning problems of lesson’s preparation, planning problems of teaching implementation, and planning problems of teaching evaluation. To achieve this aim, descriptive analytical approach was used with a questionnaire which was used as the study instrument. The study sample was calculated to be (152) teachers who were selected randomly. The study results found that teaching planning levels in salt secondary schools were found in the medium level. Moreover, it was found that there is not significant difference between means of the sample’s responses about the problems of teaching planning due to the gender variable of the secondary schools ‘teachers. Finally, based on the study results, a set of recommendations were provided.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.