A Silent Revolution in Rural Transportation System: A Study on Measuring the Popularity and Sustainability of ‘Easy Bike’ in Bangladesh

  •  Mohammad Mobarak Hossain    
  •  Md Saddam Hossain    


The Easy Bike has brought revolutionary changes in the rural transportation system in Bangladesh. This paper aims to evaluate the supply chain of the battery based electric charged vehicle popularly known as Easy Bike and identify the role of Easy Bike for the development of the country’s rural transportation system. The method of data collection was both interview and questionnaire in the form of closed and open-ended questions. The researchers have selected three different stakeholders associated with the industry such as passengers, drivers and importers or Assemblers of the easy bike and developed three separate questionnaires for identifying the problems, opportunities, and the actual condition of this newly developed industry. The role played by the related authority has been identified and analyzed through extensive literature review and interview with the selected stakeholders. The collected data has been analyzed through different statistical tools. Research findings show that the vehicle has become the most reliable and one of the fastest mediums of the transportation system for the rural people as well as urban people. The reasons behind the popularity of the vehicle are reduced fare, safe to travel, environment-friendly, faster than the previous transport mode and easy to operate the vehicle. The availability of the auto rickshaw in the current time has reduced the mortality rate in case of different emergency need for Medicare services. This vehicle is also making the contribution to girls’ secondary higher education by easing their movement to the remote area where most of the colleges are situated. There are problems like higher electricity cost, poor road structure, illegal extortion, lack of driving training facility etc. faced by the industry. The removal of these problems will accelerate the growth of the industry and will ensure long-term benefits for the industry.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.