Important Applications and the Perceived Benefits of Bamboo: A Comparison between Consumers and Businessmen

  •  Daphney Francois    
  •  Shu-Yi Liaw    


Bamboo is a versatile product, including building materials, furniture, fencing, handicrafts, pulp and paper, edible shoots, and animal feed used in many countries. The first purpose of this study was to evaluate and group the applications and benefits of bamboo, the second is to compare the views of consumers and businessmen to find the expectation gap between them, the third is to find the correlation between the importance of bamboo applications with the perceived benefit of bamboo and finally apply the importance-performance analysis model to position the expected application and benefits of bamboo. The theory was developed taking in account three factors: the importance, the benefits of bamboo applications, and both consumers and businessmen. The data analysis was performed on a sample of 469 respondents divided into two parts 378 for consumers and 91 for businessmen conducted in Haiti. This study exhibited that the applications were formed two groups - High importance group with five applications represented 48.9 %; and the low importance group with 15 applications are represented 51.1% based in their frequency. Furthermore, the results indicated that the consumer's views were higher than businessman for the important applications of bamboo and the businessmen were higher than the consumers for the perceived benefits of bamboo because the consumers focus on the wants of application can be profitable for us and businessman focus on the benefit. The results showed a positive relationship between the importance of bamboo with the perceive benefits. The study found the most important application is (G) bamboo panels (wall room) from consumers because this application was with multiple purposes; and the fabrication and wood base in the industry from the businessmen. So we might say the applications bamboo was very important for the country according to the respondent’s responses and also the benefits for the businessmen. Therefore, if the country could embrace this alternative, it will be a great opportunity for the population.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.