Combining SERVQUAL and QFD to Evaluate and Improve Airline Service Quality

  •  Jeffrey E. Jarrett    
  •  Xia Pan    
  •  Yi Yang    
  •  Youyou Huang    
  •  Lingyan Huang    
  •  Fenglin Li    


Purpose: This paper shows how to evaluate and analyze the service quality for airline business and provide feasible suggestions to improve the service. The purpose is to illustrate how the two quality improvement methods, SERVQUAL and QFD, can be combined and used to improve the service quality for service companies such as airlines.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The data were obtained by the way of interviewing the customers who have experienced the service offered by Air Macau, with tool of SERVQUAL. Comparing the perceived scores of Air Macau to the customers’ expected value as well as to its competitors, we finally believe that the shortest board of service quality is the “responsiveness” among its five dimensions. Quality function deployment is then used to translate customers’ actual requirements into practical service measures to further improvement.

Findings: It is more effective if SERVQUAL is combined with QFD in evaluating firm's quality and quality improvement.

Research Limitations: Effectiveness should be tested over time with bottom line evidences.

Practical Implications: Practitioners should use more than one effective methods in quality improvement whenever possible.

Social Implications: People are more aware of SERVQUAL and QFD.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.