Structure and Its Reliability and Validity of Employees’ Trust in Organizational Safety

  •  Su Xia Liu    
  •  Ying Zhou    
  •  Yao Cheng    
  •  Gilbert Joshua Atteh Sewu    


Employees’ trust in organizational safety is conducive in enhancing employees’ safety participation behavior from a psychological perspective. This study conceptualized employees’ trust in organizational safety and divided it into 3 dimensions by reviewing the previous literature. Questionnaires were designed based on the reference and revision of relevant scales in previous studies. Data was collected from 716 frontline employees to confirm the reliability and validity of the structure of employees’ trust in organizational safety. The result indicated that employees’ trust in organizational safety can be divided into three aspects and the scale with 16-items is valid and reliable.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.