The Social Enterprising Success: Comparative Study of Social and Economic Entrepreneurs

  •  Majda EL Agy    


The social entrepreneurship is a recent and a bit explored discipline. This is the interest of the present research which aims to be exploratory. It is situated among the interpretative essays of social enterprising of success. To do this, we have opted for a qualitative approach based on semi-directive interviews carried out with entrepreneurs operating within the Moroccan agricultural sector. Results of the analysis of case studies show that enterprising success, according to the informants asked, is distinguished on a major point. This distinction, which is psychological, is the interest shown by the interviewers and interviewees respectively to the other (collective aspect) and to oneself. The results of this research allow better appreciation of the behaviour of social entrepreneurs. They are relevant to researchers, practitioners and involved parties. They are devoted to the regional and local development, by offering some points of reference which are more precise and can help them understand better this phenomenon.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.