Brand Loyalty of Farmer to Plant Protection Products in Vietnam

  •  Nguyen Quoc Dung    
  •  Tran Duy Nam    


Agriculture had been a primary source of livelihood for majority of the people in Vietnam. The growth of agriculture products gives the greatest hope for improving the living standard of people. The development of agriculture plays a major role in Vietnam economy. The growth of this sector totally depends on the quality of inputs and the subsidy offered by the government. Since the land available is limited, the only way out to improve, is by quality inputs. Pesticide is the major input of the agriculture related outputs. The green revolution has boosted the increased use of pesticide many times more than what it was. This has brought a considerable increase in the growth of fertilizer industries and also competition in the market. Thus, marketing of fertilizer needed research studies for the promotion of their product. In this, the fertilizer and allied industries have several agencies in conducting research on the marketing of their brands. Since, marketing depends on the behaviour of the consumers; this study was initiated to know the causes which make the respondents to always prefer a particular brand for their use. The respondents of Red River Delta show loyalty through experience in the usage of a particular brand, it is the reverse in Mekong Delta and that they take the advertisement also as a cause for their loyalty towards a particular brand. This is due to the fact that people in the south in general, are more advertisement based even for small items. As in the case of both regions, the peer group has no impact on brand loyalty.

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