Using Internal Marketing to Extract Value: An Empirical Study on the Algerian Private Health Organizations

  •  Nahed Hebbaz    
  •  Khalil Chergui    


The aim of this study is to examine the relationship of the internal marketing with extracting value in the Algerian private health organizations. This study was conducted based on a psychometrically validated questionnaire which designed and distributed to a random sample of 169 Algerian private health organizations managers. 136 managers filled the questionnaire. Confirmatory Factor Analysis has been used as statistical methods to analyse the three developed hypotheses.  In particularly, we found that: (a) Algerian private health organizations use internal marketing to extract value. (b) There is statistically significant relationship between “Internal Marketing (IM)” and “extract value” amongst the Algerian private health organizations (C) There is a statistically significant difference amongst the Algerian private health organizations toward extract value due to experience of organizations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.