Assessing the Impact of Good Governance, Church Management and Structure on the Growth and Development of the Church

  •  Ransford Kwabena Awuku- Gyampoh    
  •  Andy Ohemeng Asare    


Management is a business function that provides leadership support to organizations’ resources to realize strategic goals and objectives. While churches are not precisely business organizations tied with specific management practice as requirements including other complex legal requirements such as filing returns and payment of taxes, they engage in activities that require adequate planning and execution if they are to be successful and impact to the church's growth and development. Hence, there is a need for an effective governance system for churches that will ensure efficient and effective utilization of resources and management practices in the growth and development of Churches. This paper, therefore, aims at presenting an analysis of good governance, effective managerial strategies and church structure for church growth and development. This study will employ the use of content analysis of literature as the main components in the study in the areas of effective managerial practices, corporate governance and organizational structure and its impact on Church growth and development. The study will systematically answer various questions under the study which eventually contributes towards the establishment of good governance, effective management and Church Structure on the growth and development of Churches. The study will, therefore, unearth the relationship between good governance, church management and structure on the growth and development of churches. It will further recommend leaders of churches the elements of good governance, management and the structure of their church that have to be taken into consideration in their decision making.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.