Business like Solutions suggested for Two World Problems in a Developing Nation (Analytical Study)

  •  Waiel Alkayed    


With overpopulation, surrounding wars, incoming refugees, insufficient natural resources and dependent on aid for survival, Jordan possesses tourism and an educated population as assets to strategies. Based on the ideal of social justice, this developing nation can utilize the concept of corporate social responsibility to encourage businesses, provide land and employ its educational assets for their benefit. It can thus commodity its educational facilities; pair with neighboring lesser educated nations for educational provision, and exercise Ministerial powers in government administration to set up “brain-drain” scholarships, joint international tertiary universities with subsequent employment and regional development. Half the population (women) could be empowered by allowing and providing employment by protected internships, if social mores of patriarchy could be loosened. This would begin female emancipation, increase social justice, profits and consumption, consequently improving sustainable economic benefits.

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