The Impact of Traditional Direct Marketing on Creating Brand Awareness: Case Study on IKEA in Jordan

  •  Yousef Ahmad El Dameh    
  •  Hamad AL Ghadeer    


This study aims to examine the impact of traditional direct marketing represented by flyer, catalog and direct mail on creating brand awareness for the IKEA group in Jordan. Analytical methodologies were used to conduct this quantitative study. The needed data was collected through a questionnaire distributed to (506) respondents from Jordanian customers in the city of Amman. Data was analyzed by SPSS. Descriptive and analytical analysis were conducted using Cronbach’s alpha, ANova multiple and simple regression.

The main findings of the study indicate that IKEA group uses the direct marketing tools successfully, disseminates its brand’s catalogs and direct mail, these marketing tools achieved brand awareness in the customers’ minds, where the flyers occupied the first rank followed by catalogs and direct mail respectively. It is recommended that Jordanian companies turn from mass marketing to direct marketing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.